AOTM > Singer submissions for special project for successful songwriter with placements in TV, entertainment, and commercials. The writer was a judge at the Young Performers Club Grand Finale a few years ago, and has approached Artists on the Move about organizing auditions for this new opportunity. Criteria: - Diverse vocals for a high energy upbeat song - Broad vocal range - Experience recording - Female singer - Age 16+ - Live in the New England region. *This will be a fun studio experience which will be paid, and you will be able to use the song in your own album. Several candidates will be selected to sing the song in an audition.


Advantages: - Experience recording for a special project - Potential placement in entertainment or commercial markets would enhance your resume - Get paid for your participation and if the song reaches a defined income level, you can realize   further income potential - Meet new producers and writers - Song will be boosted online for added penetration and artist exposure


*Submissions do not guarantee placement or interview. Submissions are non-refundable, no exceptions.

AOTM Publishing Submissions