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Together we're stronger

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

There are three key factors in building a network of local musicians who support and engage with one another:


When you are at a show or music event, treat people as you want to be treated. Be respectful while they are performing by listening and being seen. Having an audience is an important aspect to gaining performance experience while getting heard. How great does it feel when people from the audience find you after your performance to offer positive feedback? Be the person that compliments and offers support.


Always connect with performers or bands at a show you are at. Follow their social media pages, get their contact information and begin building a relationship. If the genre of music fits yours, begin talks of playing shows together. It takes a village to build a local following. As hard as it is to gain a large fan base, it's easy to create musician friends. These are your allies in the trenches. You will see them at the same open mics, events and local gatherings. Although your music may be different, your goals are the same. Supporting each-other is key to creating a community to fall back on and build upon.

Follow up:

This is something that seems simple but many people forget to do so. If you take the time to build a new relationship by complimenting and following each-others social media pages, take the extra few minutes to send a message or "like" content you find interesting. Another important thing is to "thank" the event organizer or the venue owner. It takes a lot of work to put on shows and events, expressing your gratitude will be greatly appreciated and remembered.

In the local music scene, everyone is connected in some way. Never burn bridges, always remain respectful, support each-other and follow up with the people you've met. If you say you are going to do something, do it. If you think someone is good, tell them. If you want to succeed, remember that together we are stronger. You will be surprised how much of a positive impact your life and career will have by stepping outside of your own routine to reach out to others.

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about"- Margaret J Wheatley

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