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Boston singer songwriter, Zola, released “Easy” on July 31, 2020, and streams are steadily climbing. The song is her second song to be released on her upcoming EP Now you see me. In its first week, the song streamed to 16,787 and is on 29 playlists with a combined

follower reach of 780,000. Zola was averaging 3,000 streams a day in the first week. Zola is all about building the excitement early on by doing a pre-save campaign and promoting the song heavily in its early weeks. This all-in marketing also impacted her prior release of “Witness” which rose to 42,600 streams and landed on Spotify’s Discover Weekly. Also, it is exciting to see her overall monthly listeners rise to 31,406.

A lone organ sets off the song, and soon after the chorus steps into floating vocal layers and echos aligned with beautiful harmonies. Zola sat side by side with her producer totally involved in every instrumental and vocal decision throughout the song. “You make it so hard for me to be easy, so make this easy”, is a catchy part of the chorus, and the song ends in a fade away of “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, easy” which traverses throughout the song with dynamic changes.

The song was inspired by one of Zola’s favorite TV shows, Atypical. She describes her connection with the show, “I was originally drawn to this story because I related to the characters, and their experiences really resonated with me. So, with this song, I got to step into their shoes and write from their perspective. I find writing about other pieces of media and art to be intriguing because art is so universal.

Zola is working on her EP with three-time Boston Music Awards,- “Producer of The Year,” The Arcitype, and four-time Boston Music Awards “Session Musician of The Year,” Jonathan Ulman at The Bridge Sound and Stage in Cambridge, MA.

“Zola is without a doubt one of the most talented artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her originality and thoughtful creativity when songwriting is inspiring, to say the least. I was a fan before anything else and even more honored to be a part of this project. Artists like Zola don’t come around very often, so it’s so exciting when they do.” - Jonathan Ulman

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