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Spotlight Corner with Dick Tate-30 years in local Boston music scene

We interviewed Dick Tate on his experience in the local Boston music scene to provide insight on the industry's transitions and challenges. #supportlocalmusic.

Tell us about your “story”. Where do you come from, and what made you begin working in the music industry?

I'm a Massachusetts native who has played in touring acts through my teens and into my adult years. I managed the Middle East Downstairs for over 15 years before coming to Thunder Road, and have always enjoyed the nightclub lifestyle. It's like being on tour except you get to sleep in your own bed at the end of the night!

What would you say, is your favorite thing about the local music scene?

The variety of genres, and the wealth of diverse talents that represent Boston.

What would you change?

The level of communication between venues is almost nonexistent. They often book bands who draw from the same crowd on the same night and hurts everyone. Sometimes it's tour schedules that cause this, but other times it seems deliberate. This lack of communication impacts all musicians looking for greater market visibility, so it requires persistency to get through the barriers.

How long have you been active in the music community?

Not to date myself, but my first gig was at the RAT 30+ years ago!

How has the industry changed since you began?

Music has become far easier for DIY artists to succeed. There are just so many tools and resources that did not used to exist, from the internet to Garage Band.

What do you see for the future?

Envision Thunder Road becoming a place where local artists can start their career. 

Any advice for up and coming bands, artists or music business entrepreneurs? Go out and see other people perform. Introduce yourself to strangers, network outside of your comfort zone. Staying at home in front of a computer is not the same as meeting people who may have an impact in your life. Visibility is huge through every stage of your music career.

Artists on the Move appreciates Dick's dedication to the local Boston music scene, and all the opportunities he has provided to local artists. Dick was instrumental in creating "Introduction to Thunder Road: local music meet and greet." This is a networking event for bands and artists of all ages to connect and create booking opportunities at Thunder Road. There will be local music being played on the house system of all bands and artists who rsvp for the event. Email nextgenerationconcerts@gmail.com if you would like to attend.

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