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Noah Hatton is touring, writing and recording

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Noah Hatton is a 20-year-old classically trained jazz singer with over ten years of experience in recording and performing. His passion for music goes beyond his energy on stage. Every word written has been calculated to evoke your sense of imagination. His original music is packed with bluesy southern rock influences, and his smooth crooner vocal mastery is present throughout. Noah Hatton has the drive and ability to play in any environment. From the theater stage, to a full-on rock band, to his acoustic solo set, he delivers a classy sound and his own unique style. From the shows with 500+ size audiences, to your local coffee shop, Noah's mission is to reach everyone with each note.

​Noah is one of the lead singers of the All You Got Tour Band, the headliner performer on the tour. He spent the better part of the summer and fall performing on stages all over New England. The energy he brought to the shows was contagious, with everyone on and off stage feeling lifted by his ability to perform, dance and excite throughout each song. His off his feet and sometimes gymnastics antics, made for quite the entertaining experience for all. So much so that the younger performers line up at an opportunity to perform on the same stage with him. He was a tremendous mentor to them throughout the tour. In a short amount of time, he gathered new fans that would come to see him in the tour band. While on tour, Noah performed at Lawn on D in the Boston Seaport, the Hampton Beach Seashell Stage, multiple Food Truck Festivals, the Newburyport Fall festival and many more tour stops. He will be performing with the All You Got Tour Band coming up on December 14, 2019 at Faneuil Hall Blink show from 11:30AM to 4PM.

Noah with the All You Got Tour Band at the Newbury Fall Festival (photo by Patty Duffey)

He’s focused on writing new songs and performing in any capacity, from solo shows with his acoustic guitar, to collaborating with other musicians. His vocal ability lands him National Anthem singing opportunities and allows him to be versatile in his performances. He is working on his 5-song EP with D-Sharp International, which hypnotizes in every sense of the word. Noah is taking his time with each song to make sure it's exactly what his vision entails.

Noah at the Cape Cod Food Truck Festival

Although Noah can perform songs from the 1920s to today, he identifies in the pop-indie genre of music. Most of the time when writing an original song, he begins by noodling around on the guitar with a series of chords which develops into a little piece of a melody that transforms into a new song. Instead of solely telling a story through his songs, he focuses on creating a mood that the listener can apply to their own feelings.

Noah is hyper-focused on creating content and performing as often as possible. He is now on the search to build a full band line up, including drums, bass and guitar. He is looking for dedicated musicians, who can perform covers and write alongside him. Noah is dedicated to creating opportunities for himself, whether it be through social media engagement, live shows or networking with like-minded individuals. A fellow Artist on the Move performer, Alaina Ray, will be featured on a few of his songs, which will be released as a full EP. He enjoys collaborating with other artists to ignite more creativity.

In December 2018 Noah joined the Villen's Den, affiliate of Boston Free Radio, as a co-host. Every Thursday, they interview local musicians of all genres from 5-7PM. The Villen's Den Podcast can be heard by following the Facebook live video feed on the Boston Free Radio page or directly on the website (www.bostonfreeradio.com). Noah loves the experience of radio and fits right in with seasoned professionals. He brings a fun and comic energy to the show, along with his musical incite. Podcasts, radio and other forms of media outlets has always been a serious interest. He's having a blast on the show, and looks forward to seeing where it takes him.

We asked Noah if he had any advice for upcoming musicians and songwriters. He responded with, "Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself. If you want to create anything of value you must take a certain amount of risk, so don’t let fear drive you into a hole".

Follow Noah's journey on Instagram @noahhattonmusic.

“With sophisticated poetic flare and symphonic musical delivery, Noah Tompkins enthralls his audience to think by serenading them with his old-world sound and raw modern edge.”- All You Got Tour

Noah Hatton (photo by Maxwell Photography)

Written by Jacqueline DeModena of Artists on the Move

Edited by Patty Duffey of Artists on the Move

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