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New England Music Awards/2019 Nomination Committee Members

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Owners of Artist on the Move and the All You Got Tour, Jacqueline DeModena and Patricia Duffey, are proud to announce their position on the Nomination Committee of the New England Music Awards. If you are a band, group or solo artist who has released new original music from June of 2018 to March of 2019, submit for your chance to be nominated.

Submit HERE-----> https://nemusicawards.com/

(1) person can nominate multiple acts but can only nominate each band once.

"The New England Music Awards are presented every year to the musicians who call New England their home and whose dedication, spirit, and achievements over the last year have without a doubt established them as a contributing force to the most robust and diverse music scene in the country. The NEMA nominating committee consists of a variety of music industry experts including journalists from music publications, radio personalities, talent buyers, event planners, record label executives and more."- NEMA

Along with running Artists on the Move, artist consulting, branding and development company for young artists, and the All You Got Tour, a 25 and under music tour throughout New England from June through September, both Patty and Jackie have had their own personal experiences in the local music scene. Patty has run Young Performers Club and Music On and Up for over 10 years, managing competitive showcases at the Hard Rock Cafe, and helping young musicians achieve performance opportunities and recognition, along with managing young bands and solo artists. Over 1,000 young performers have participated in the showcase events. Jackie runs Next Generation Concerts booking shows at the Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues Foundation, Middle East, Thunder Road and other local venues, including a residency with Boston Free Radio. She is an active musician with her husband Jeff DeModena in the local scene, hosting open mics, organizing out of state tours, writing original music and performing covers all over New England.

With every song written, performance finished and connection created, each local music artist advances further in their music career. There are no limits to what you can achieve with hard work, a focused plan, a positive attitude, and the desire and commitment to reach your goals. There are thousands of bands and solo artists in the local music scene, and we would like everyone to have an opportunity to be recognized. To qualify you need to have original music. Submit or email us at artistsmove@gmail.com.

Jackie and Patty with Gerg Anidem of Indie Scene Radio

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