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Melissa Fine showcases Into the Storm at Middle East Corner

Artists on the Move organized an album showcase event with Melissa Fine for her album Into the Storm. Melissa, a freshman at Berklee School of Music, desired to have an event that was close enough to her school for her fans to get to in the Boston area. We selected the Middle East Corner based on its proximity to her location, its size and popularity. The event took place on November 14th from 9:30 PM-12:30 AM. To fill the three hours Melissa invited a country artist friend from Berklee, Michael Kjelgaard, to open the show which was followed by an hour performance by Melissa and hour closing performance by cover group Acoustics@ with Mark Manzella and John Scarpato. Marketing included the design of a 17x14 poster for posting at Berklee and on social media. Melissa did a tremendous job at gathering her friends and fans to come to the show which packed the seating in front of the stage. It was such a successful night, and seeing her performing in front of her peers, many of who that knew the lyrics to her songs, was a special and memorable moment in her music career.

Melissa worked hard preparing for the event, performing several new songs with her looping station. Getting an encore and seeing her fans purchasing flannel shirts and other merchandise was the coolest thing to see. Our next focus for Melissa is to organize a Berklee artist showcase for her and her talented Berklee friends.

Melissa comes across as unaffected and genuine, on stage and off, and those qualities make her effortlessly captivate the audience. It was liberating and rewarding seeing the room full of fans locked into her full performance. Her smooth soulful riffs which thread through each song, add a Melissa spin dynamic that connects all her songs into a unique stream of original artistry.

To create this event requires organization and planning, and event management attention. We did a photo shoot for the poster image, added a band to close the show, designed the poster, engaged in social media posts and managed the show details. This is all about being an entrepreneur and having a vision for a new plan or idea, and then making it happen. Artists on the Move congratulates Melissa for her dedication and success in marketing the event, along with her stellar encore performance.

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