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"Rainbow Eyes" by Melissa Fine

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

Singer Songwriter Melissa Fine's "Rainbow Eyes" music video dropping shortly! Follow on Instagram & subscribe today [TEXT "FINE" to 345345]


In celebration of Pride Month, Melissa will be debuting her music video "Rainbow Eyes" on June 30th. Over the past few months, Fine has performed at various venues including the Berkshire Pride Festival, the Hard Rock Cafe patio, Boxford Cable TV, and has been featured on North Shore's 104.9FM. She is excited to release her new video that portrays her vision of love and life, as a member of the LGBTQAI community.

"Rainbow Eyes"

AOTM: Why did you write Rainbow Eyes?

Melissa Fine: I actually wrote it for a school project my junior year. The prompt was to pick a topic we believe in, and create something. This is so cliche, but the song literally started flowing out of me, and i knew it had to become more than just a project. Marriage equality is something so so important to me, and

I wanted to use my music to show people that love is just a human thing, and there’s truly no point in devaluing other people’s relationships and identities..

Also it was around the time of trumps election, and i just needed to do something to counteract the hate and judgement surfacing.

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