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Meet all 22 Songriffic Finalists competing on 1/27 at Loretta's Last Call

Artist on the Move and Loretta's Last Call came together to create a songwriters and cover song competition that spanned from October to January. With 22 finalists crossing over five genres of music, the Finals are shaping up be an incredible show. The Finals are from 7pm to 10pm at Lorettas Last Call on January 27th, 2020.

Meet all 22 Finalists:

Top Original Song

Desmond Roberts is a Berklee student who is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist and saxophone player. His powerful vocal tone, along with his catchy original song "Dear Future Lover" stopped the audience in their tracks. He will be hitting the studio soon to release some new music. You can follow him @desmondroberts on Instagram.
Leighann Hodgkins is a local singer-songwriter who has a sweet, soulful voice. She won "Top Original Song" with her performance of "Alice", which you can find on Spotify. "Her passion for people, diary-style writing, paired with powerhouse vocals and soulful sound is guaranteed to give chills to anyone listening."
Matt Jackson is professional musician and songwriter who has played hundreds of shows local and afar. He made the audience feel comfortable, and then set the emotional tone for his winning song, "I Will Lay With You".   
Zola is a 16-year-old Cambridge based singer-songwriter whose unique perspective shines through in her music, drawing influences from R&B, Hip Hop, and Electronic Music, to create an original sound. She Knows", won for Top Original Song, which you can find on her Spotify Channel under Zola.    
Melissa Mills is a Boston-based neo soul singer-songwriter who serenades audiences with sweet melodies, and powerhouse vocals.  Her original song, "Losing My Cool", took the win  
Sam Chetkin, 16-year-old singer-songwriter, surprises his audiences with his unique spin on classic pop hits. His sweet, rich tone, mature dynamics, and upbeat personality shine through in his performances.  Sam took the win for his performance of his original song "Stay", which was well written and emotionally delivered.  
Lina Cooper is a singer-songwriter, arranger, producer and artist from Donetsk, Ukraine currently a student at Berklee College of Music.  She won Top Original Song for her performance of "Girl with a Plan", which was displayed with great emotion, poise and vocal consistency.   
Melissa Fine is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter out of Boston, MA. Drawing inspiration from her many influences, she fuses elements of old soul with modern acoustic pop to create unique and riveting music. Melissa won Top Original Song with her original song "Holy Water", which written with Sophie Lasher in Nashville.  
Amber Ais is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Boston, MA. She took the win for her original song "Till it's Gone".
John Jerome is a singer/songwriter from Gloucester MA, who took the stage at Loretta's Last Call with confidence, poise and comedic flare. His thick rhythmic guitar playing along with his soulful country vocals and descriptive story telling, won him Top Original Song with "Don't call me No more".  

Top Cover Song

Lady Jessica is a Groove-pop singer, songwriter and keyboardist from Pittsburg, PA who is currently a student at Berklee College of Music.  She won "Top Cover Song" by blowing the audience away with her unique spin on multiple cover songs with a fun melodic mash-up. 
Joe Hodgkins is a session drummer and vocalist who won Top Cover Song with his rendition of "Colder Weather" by the Zac Brown Band Song. His smooth yet gritty vocal tone along with his delivery landed him a winner in the competition.
Noah Kesselman stole the show with his rendition of "One More Last Chance" by Vince Gill. With his smooth yet gritty vocal tone combined with his exceptional guitar playing, Noah sets himself apart from the rest.
Kaia Mac is an 18-year-old singer, musician and actress from South Berwick, Maine. She stopped the audience in their tracks with her rendition of "Come Out and Play" by Billie Eilish.   
X'ella (pronounced Ex El Uh) is a hard hitting rock band that brings a blend of modern hard rock, punk, and classic roots together to create an energetic and melodic feel.  They performed an acoustic set at Loretta's and won Top Cover Song with their rendition of "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons.  
Chris D'Agostino is a 24-year-old indie/pop singer songwriter whose voice effortlessly fills all corners of the room at every performance. Chris won Top Cover Song with his version of Pink's "Give me a Reason".
Alaina Ray is a 17-year-old Indie/Dream singer songwriter­ with dynamic vocal range and confident delivery. She won Top Cover Song with her version of "Blue" by Gracie Abrams.
With his smooth, breathy vibrato and unique vocals loaded with masterful runs and riffs, Riley Lynch won "Top Cover Song" with his rendition of "Stay" by Rhianna. Riley Lynch began his career as a contestant on TheXFactorUSA at 14 years old. He is a serious artist, writing, recording and releasing new music.
Mariah Delage is a powerhouse vocalist with high-energy and magnetism that makes her presence be known. She won Top Cover Song with her rendition of Lady Gaga's "You and I". In the line up of performers, Mariah set herself apart with her high range, stunning vocal dynamics and excitable stage presence that is immersed in the songs rhythm.
Zach Seals is an Indie Pop singer-songwriter who specializes in pop-power ballads. He won Top Cover Song with his rendition of "Don't think twice it's alright" by Bob Dylan. Zach put his own unique spin on a classic song. He gripped the listeners with his deep power vocals and smooth delivery.
Mackenzie Lee Clement is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter and pianist whose passion for performing is self-evident. At her first note, she delivers it with depth and consistency. She won Top-Cover Song with her rendition of "Lately" by Stevie Wonder.
Kyle Bourque is an 20-year- old singer song-writer, self-taught guitarist and keyboardist from Boston with warm and comforting vocals that attract fans and followers. He won Top Cover Song with his spin on "Zombie" by the Cranberries. He adapted the song to his own style while also maintaining the original melody.

Written by Jacqueline DeModena

Most photos by Patty Duffey Photography

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