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Lina Cooper's pop hook loaded “This Time”

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Lina Cooper is a 21-year-old indie-pop singer/songwriter from Ukraine and recent graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where she double-majored in Contemporary Writing and Production & Songwriting with a minor in conducting. She gets her music out any opportunity she has, and is a dedicated writer of pop songs, with six songs on Spotify, including new release “This Time”. Her vocals are smooth and poppy as ever, and her songs are catchy and embedded in your thoughts in seconds.

On “This Time” she wrote the song completely by herself, produced it, co-mixed it and starred in the music video and co-directed the video. At Berklee she grew as a musician, an artist, a songwriter, an arranger, a conductor, and acquired great confidence with each new success.

Her new release, “This Time”, is an indie-bedroom pop song that sounds like something between Taylor Swift’s “Red” era and Maggie Roger’s explicit style. It is a romantic anthem about holding on to the good memories and being afraid of losing them. The song takes you on a very personal lyrical journey of a sudden love you want to last and are terrified you will never find again. The chorus, “Hoping you will remember this time, wish I had hit the rewind three times, and go back to this night again”, sets off a stream of hooks that first time listeners will crave and be obsessed with. The song adds tender harmonies and a heartbeat like kick drum that intensifies the hooks throughout. Her songs capture subtle and memorable activities happening around her that others may not see in the same light and focus. There is an unforced style about her singing with its rich, wholesome, yet impressive range, that will keep you listening to her lyrics on repeat.

Lina finishes one song and is onto the next. She loves creating catchy songs that are embedded in your thoughts after the first listen, and take you on a lyrical journey.

Her songwriting inspiration comes from her everyday life experiences and emotions, using bottled up feelings to feed her art.

She performs all over with her band on the radio and local Boston area music venues including the Middle East, Plough and Stars, Cafe 939, Mad Music Mill, Article 24, ONCE Ballroom, Loretta’s Last Call, Landsdowne Pub, Midway Cafe, The Lily pad, and more. She loves to hear the crowd singing along with her, and enjoying themselves at her shows. In her own words, she “lives to perform and make her music impactful”.

She grew up in a house filled with music; her mother played the piano and liked to listen to jazz and classical music, her grandfather liked to listen to ABBA and Queen, and her father’s choice was soviet rock-n-roll and blues. All these different genres influenced Lina to create her own style, combining classical and contemporary music with a pop flair. Her close friend had an accurate description of her music, "any possible genre in pop clothing".

Lina’s musical talents began to emerge at a very young age when she would sit at the family piano and start creating her own melodies and then write poems to match. Noticing her unique and budding songwriting abilities, her family enrolled her in a music school at age 10. Lina began guitar lessons and learned both classical and contemporary guitar, and within a year she performed her originals at school events and posting recordings online.

Lina’s current project expected to be released in 2020 is her debut album, “Damned”, with arranger, producer and composer Mike Thompson. She also has an older album project called “Colors” that she had been working on with Berklee alumni/producer Jared Dalton Kane, and plans to complete soon. Lina loves observing the lives of people outside her inner circle, and translating them into a tapestry of songs both reflective and anthemic. Her songs capture subtle and memorable activities happening around her that others may not see in the same light and focus. There is an unforced singing style with its rich, wholesome, yet impressive range, and listeners settle in for more.

Lina’s long-term goal is to have an opportunity to share her music with millions of people, play big stages, be able to make music for a living, and inspire people around the world.

"This Time" is out on all streaming platforms, and the music video will be on YouTube the first week of July.

"This Time"


“Lina’s emotional and relatable lyrics, combined with her broad vocal range enable her to get the attention of her audience, making them stop, listen, and travel along with her on her storytelling journey on life’s interesting routines and experiences.” - Artist on the Move

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