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Songriffic winners December 16, 2019

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

On December 16, 2019, Artists on the Move hosted their fifth round of Songriffic at Lansdowne Pub in Boston, MA. With a record number of performers for the series with 22 performers the over a 4.5 hour event, the venue was packed with talent from multiple genres. From rock to pop to hip-hop, each act showcased their original works of art and their own unique spin on popular covers. The in-the-round format set the tone for an intimate experience for both the singers and the audience.

Meet the four finalists and three honorable mentions from the December 16, 2019 competition round:

Top Original Song: "Dolly" by Stephen Sifflard

Stephen Sifflard at Time Out Market (photo by Tracy Litt Photography)

18-year-old singer-songwriter Stephen Sifflard, who is also an accomplished drummer with his band Roll Over White, took the stage on December 16th performing both originals and covers. He was accompanied by Owen Korzec on guitar. He won top original song with his original song "Dolly", which is also performed by Roll Over White. The song immediately grabbed the attention of the audience with its unique dynamics and emotional delivery. While sitting on his cajon, Stephen performed his song with passion and solid vocal consistency. Recently accepted to Berklee College of Music, Stephen is working hard at advancing his career, both as a solo artist and with Roll Over White's band projects. Stephen recently won second-place in New England Sings, winning him a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music summer program, a cash prize and performance opportunities with Kara DioGuardi; Grammy nominated songwriter, former American Idol judge, producer and music publisher. The band has 159,340 streams on Spotify on their debut album, and their song, “Where is your God”, was selected for the “All New Rock” Spotify Playlist. Some of the notable venues and festivals he has performed at include the Foundation Room at the House of Blues in Boston, The Bitter End in NYC, the iconic Cavern Club at the Boston HardRock Café, Thunder Road, the Middle East Nightclub, Loretta’s Last Call and Hampton Beach Seashell. Stephen plans to dual major in business and sound production/engineering. He's is focused on writing and learning new cover songs to further advance his solo and band career. Follow Stephen Sifflard on all social media platforms and listen to his band's version of "Dolly" on Spotify @Rolloverwhite.

Top Original Song: "Till Its Gone" by Amber Ais

Amber Ais (photo by Patty Duffey Photography)

Amber Ais is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Boston, MA. She took the win for her original song "Till it's Gone". With her gritty, powerful and elegant vocals, Amber quieted the audience with all eyes on her. At the age of three, she began singing in church choir and continued to do so throughout high school. Growing up, Ais was always passionate about music and wrote songs as a hobby in her free time. However, it wasn’t until she began studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where she became serious about pursuing a career in the music industry as an independent artist. Ais released her debut EP, Seattle, in April of 2017. This project was a collection of three songs she wrote herself. Her cool tone is supported by a blend of contemporary R&B, Pop production and live instrumentation. She currently has 71,000 streams on Spotify. Her musical influences include none other than Tori Kelly, John Mayer and Kevin Garrett. As a recent graduate from Berklee College of Music, where Ais received a degree in Songwriting, she hopes to continue writing for herself as well as collaborating with other artists in the near future. She's a unique performer with an ability to keep her audience engaged. Follow her on all social medial platforms @AmberAis.

Top Cover Song: "Stay" by Riley Lynch

With his smooth, breathy vibrato and unique vocals loaded with masterful runs and riffs, Riley Lynch won "Top Cover Song" with his rendition of "Stay" by Rhianna. Riley Lynch began his career as a contestant on TheXFactorUSA at 14 years old. He is a serious artist, writing, recording and releasing new music. His new song "Cold" is now streaming on all platforms. Riley has been writing songs on his acoustic guitar along with collaborating with musicians to help create his stage show. He is excited about his new song release and amped for new performance opportunities. Riley has made tremendous strides in his young career and is only getting started. You can follow him on Instagram and all streaming music platforms @imrxley.

Top Cover Song: "You and I" by Mariah Delage

Mariah Delage is a powerhouse vocalist with high-energy and magnetism that makes her presence be known. She won Top Cover Song with her rendition of Lady Gaga's "You and I". In the line up of performers, Mariah set herself apart with her high range, stunning vocal dynamics and excitable stage presence that is immersed in the songs rhythm. She did an impressive job making the song her own while also paying tribute to Lady Gaga's original melody. With over 46 videos on her Youtube Channel, Mariah Delage is dedicated to putting quality content out for her audiences to enjoy. A clip of the Songriffic performance posted on Instagram received close to 500 views. In 2018, Mariah participated and won first place in the NH vocal competition Keene Idol. She is currently writing original music and can be heard on Spotify being featured on a song called Don't Forget by WE ARE FURY. Follow her on YouTube and social media @mariahdelag.

Honorable Mentions

Owen Korzec- Original song "Uncomfortable"

Owen Korzec (Photo by Patty Duffey Photography)

Jim Winder-Original song "Growing Up"

Jim Winder (Photo by Patty Duffey Photography

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