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Interview with Boston band Kooked Out

Kooked Out is a four piece Rock n Roll Band from Boston Massachusetts. They crafted their sound by taking influences from the likes of instrumental surf music, 70s punk rock, psychedelic rock, and the blues. Kooked Out headlined a show organized by Artist on the Move at Lansdowne Pub on February 2nd. Their energy was infectious which resonated with both the audience and venue. This hard working local rock band has recently had great success booking shows and creating a buzz with their unique DIY shows all around Boston. They recently raised money and bought a new bus to begin touring. Artist on the move interviewed Kooked Out to find out more about the band and how they've become so successful as an all encompassing DIY music entity.

Kooked Out

How long have you been together?

We have been a band for around 5 years.

What would you describe your style of music?

A mix of everything really... mostly because we get bored of playing just one style. Some collective influences include 60’s surf music, punk, rock, reggae and blues.

Where are some of your favorite venues you’ve played?

We love to play outside doing our pop up shows throughout the city of Boston. We feel that we can connect and engage more people that way. As for actual venues…Foxwoods Casino is currently at the top of our list.

What inspires you to write original songs?

Life experiences, art, music and movies mostly.

How often do you practice?

We practice at LEAST 3-4 times a week with each session being roughly 4 -10 hours. During the times that we aren’t together everyone is individually practicing as well.

Explain what “pop up shows” are and why you do them?

We set up outside at random locations in a stripped down format (Cajon, Cube Amps etc.) and play for anyone in the area.

How did your kickstarter campaign go in order to raise money for your bus?

It went fairly well but we had to play a lot of shows to make up the difference. Thanks to everyone who donated and supported that endeavor.

How long did it take to raise money for the bus and what other methods did you use?

It took a couple months to raise the money to buy the bus. We played a bunch of gigs in a short amount of time along with the kickstarter to reach our goal.

Where are you heading? Any tours coming up?

We have a fair amount of gigs lined up, most of which are out of state. NYC, South Carolina (Myrtle Beach), Delaware, New Hampshire, Vermont, Nashville, Virginia and Philadelphia just to name a few. Everyone can stay up to date on where we will be next by visiting our website at www.kookedoutband.com . Also, a national coast to coast tour is definitely in the works as well for the summer.

What are your short term and long term goals?

Short term goals would be recording our full length album and music videos. Long term goals would be playing/booking national tours, being a part of festivals, creating/writing more music and evolving creatively as a band and as people. We have a ton of material ready to be recorded. Stay tuned!

When will ”The Weekend” be Out? And where can we find it?

We are shooting for a 2020 spring or summer release for that one. Other releases are in the works as well.

Do you have any advice for up coming bands?

Try to be undeniable and work hard at your craft.

What do aspects do you look for in a bandmate?

First of all, and most importantly, you have to be a great player. Being organized, reliable and creative are also important traits to have.

How have you been so successful booking shows?

The four of us started having a weekly meeting separate from practicing specifically for booking shows. Four people booking is definitely better than one.

Do you have a wish list of venues or places you want to play?

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Paradise Rock Club, Orpheum Theater, House of Blues

Who are the members in the band and what are their individual backgrounds?

The members of Kooked Out are John Fiore (Guitar, Vox), Chris Laskey (Drums, Vox), Sean Reid (Bass, Vox) and Jimmy DiTullio (Guitar, Vox). We were all in bands growing up that spanned many different genres so when we all got together there was a diverse amount of influences to choose from. Since we currently have no record label or producer, we all perform many different tasks to add to the success of the band as a unit. We have become our own producers, financial advisors, sound engineers, marketing specialists…you name it.

Members off Kooked Out at one of their "Pop up shows"
"Kooky Bus"
Kooked Out at Lansdowne Pub in Boston with AOTM (photo by Patty Duffey)

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Written by Jacqueline DeModena

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