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Jazzing up a Fender

Kyle Bourque, Boston based singer songwriter, received a new guitar from a friend that was in need of some restoration. The guitar was built in the 1980s and no work had been done on it in its 30+ year life. The guitar which is a Mexican Stratocaster was in generally good condition. The Stratocaster is undoubtedly Fender’s most popular model of all time, and they’ve capitalized on this success for over 60 years by producing more than 100 variations of the timeless guitar. The bodies and necks were made at Fender’s U.S. factory in Corona, California, but were assembled and sanded in the company’s plant in Ensenada, Mexico. Because the 1970s Stratocasters were not that well received, Fender was feeling the heat by the early 1980s to return to their golden era of the 1950s/early 1960s, so in 1982, the first vintage-Strat reissues were introduced and the Elite Series followed in 1983.

Kyle had a vision to refurbish the guitar with a rich rosewood color and incorporate a heart shape into the front on the bevel, which gave it an attention getting customized design. The full project was 1.5 months and the finished product was exactly as Kyle had envisioned it. Kyle’s friend, Tony Curtis, is an electrician by day and special project carpenter and musician in his spare time. Tony enjoyed working with Kyle on the design and using his woodworking expertise to bring out the natural wood grains in the guitar.

"This was such a fun experience tracking the progress of the project, and seeing it transforming into a one of a kind design started a new passion for me in guitar refurbishing", commented Bourque.

Before refurbishment

Kyle recently formed a heavy metal band so he has been enjoying putting some practice hours each week on the guitar and getting it ready for its debut live performance this winter.

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