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Melissa Fine recorded live looping of new original "Goldmine" at PB & J Records

Singer songwriter Melissa Fine is releasing her new original song, "Goldmine", on Friday February 14, 2020 on her YouTube channel. She is 19-year-old soul/pop artist who brilliantly blends elements of rhythm and blues, and pop and soul into her original songs. Melissa recorded the live looping version of “Goldmine” with PB & Jay Records based in Weymouth, MA. The song showcases how well she creates unique intricate layering and harmonies. Artists on the Move interviewed Melissa to find out more about her new release.

Melissa Fine at PB & Jay Recrods

What inspired you to write "Goldmine"?

I wrote “Goldmine” the first week of 2019, after one of the worst bouts of writer’s block I’d ever had. I was playing around and experimenting with my loop pedal, and I just started layering vocals. It was like I was back to my creative self, and I ended up writing the song in about half an hour. This was one of those songs that I was really writing as a mantra for myself to get me out of the mental and creative rut I was in. "Goldmine" is a reminder that even if things seem dark, there is always some light in every situation.Writing this song was a way for me to accept my flaws and move forward. Now in 2020, I feel ready to share a little piece of me with the world. I’m far from perfect, but “Goldmine” reminds me that I’m trying my best to become a better version of myself.

What genre do you feel this song connects with? "Goldmine" is a poppy uplifting tune. The arrangement has a sort of Ed Sheeran vibe with the looping, but I definitely put my own spin on it.

How was your experience with Jay Psaros of PB & Jay Records?

Working with Jay was awesome! He created such a comfortable working environment, and was such a great listener. He really helped me make my vision come to life, and I hope to work with him on more projects in the future!

What do you hope your audience gets from the song?

I hope “Goldmine” uplifts people and shows them that there’s always something positive waiting on the other side of a bad situation. It’s a song with relatable lyrics about being human, making mistakes, and moving forward. I also hope they like the fun harmonies as that’s definitely my favorite part.

Any news? New songs? Shows, you want to share?

I’ve been working on recording some new music which will be released soon, so be on the lookout for that! Also, my band, Mel’s Finest, will be performing at Lansdowne Pub on February 23rd from 7-10 PM, and at the Middle East Upstairs on March 28th at 8:30 PM.

What are your plans for the next few months? I’ve been cooking up a lot of new tunes, and I may even have a solo EP and collaboration EP in the works. More info to come.

We asked Jay Psaros of Pb & Jay Records some questions about what he does and how his experience with Melissa was…

How long have you been creating videos and professional recordings for artists?

We've been creating professional videos for artists for about 6 years. We started out pretty basic with just a camera and a camera mic which evolved into synching pro-audio to our video. This also led us to recording services for artists.

What are your thoughts on her song?

Beautiful! Mel is a gifted artist who is creative, inventive and fluid. She has a keen ear for harmonies and is proficient in her performance. She is also lyrically thoughtful with strong use of metaphor and imagery, and is pleasing to the ear and thought-provoking.

How would you describe Melissa's vibe and the emotion you received from listening to the song? Mel is very unique in all the right ways. She has the true spirit of an artist, and is gentle, thoughtful, compassionate and understanding of the creative process. Her vibe is strongly independent and very hip without an ounce of pretense. Very cool!

Anything you want to add about your studio and what plans you have?

We have been very fortunate to work out of our home studio in Weymouth, MA for several years. Since video isn't our primary service, we've been lucky to take on clients as they present themselves. However, over the years the demand has begun to grow and we are now moving into a larger off-site studio space in Scituate, MA where we can offer even more video and audio centric services to artists. We are also going through a major equipment upgrade. We are looking forward to moving into our new (and much larger) space in beautiful Scituate, MA soon!

"Goldmine" Trailer created by Jay Psaros

Melissa Fine, New England Music Award nominee, is now in her second year at Berklee College of Music. She is double majoring in production/engineering and songwriting. She is the Vice-President of the Songwriters Club at Berklee which has over 60 members. She loves connecting with other songwriters while both offering and receiving critiques to help better each other's songs. While finding the balance between her school work and music life, she performs often and sometimes host open mic at the Middle East Corner in Cambridge.

Catch her upcoming performances with her band Mel’s Finest....

February 23rd- Lansdowne Pub in Boston@ 7:00PM

March 28th- Middle East Upstairs @8:30 PM

Follow her on Instagram @melissa.fine and Facebook @melissafinemusic.

“Melissa’s musical depth perception and silky vocal expression leaves us captivated in her grasp. Well beyond her years, Melissa represents the beauty in essence of today’s youth." Artist on the Move

Written by Jacqueline DeModena of Artists on the Move

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