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Indie Scene Radio Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary

Artists on the Move works hard to open new doors, obtain visibility for young talent and support their growth and development. In the Boston region, there is one professional musician and radio show producer that continues to unselfishly ask what he can do to help young musicians. Gerg Anidem, is a rare industry friend, professional and supporter of all that we do, and all that our performers do. We have lost count of how many shows and competitive events he has volunteered to speak at, judge and be a part of, including the Elevate Battle of the Bands, and the Young Performers Showcase Series which takes place at the Boston Hard Rock Café. Additionally, he has coached young talent and has been a guest speaker at numerous industry events. Currently, 135 countries tune into Indie Scene Radio show each week and artists all over the world are showcased on the show.

Gerg is the Owner/Program Director/DJ at INDIE SCENE RADIO.

We congratulate Gerg for his genuine respect, support and commitment to the local music operators and performers, in his five years operating the Indie Scene Radio show.

Artists on the Move is thrilled to be starting a new show with Indie Radio, “Artists on the Move Live”! The program will shine a light on new, emerging talents of all ages into the New England spotlight. We are so excited to work with Gerg and be aligned with such an impressive industry operator and loyal friend.

Gerg’s life motto is:

"Love to laugh and live to love"

What's my fav music/band? 

"Music I haven't heard yet"!

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