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Fall back for "Dethstar" release by Maximilian Wentz

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

20-year-old singer-songwriter Maximilian Wentz is about to release his 3rd single, "Dethstar", on the first day of fall, September 23, 2019. This song will be followed by two more songs which will complete his debut EP.

"Dethstar" is an acoustic rock song with beautiful latin guitar influences. The song is inspired by the feeling of being trapped in other person's perceptions of what you should be. As the image on the song cover conveys, you can free yourself from this entrapment and soar like a raven over miles of mountain tops, enjoying the world from a higher perspective, where you are in full control over your mind and thoughts.

Maximilian Wentz is an accomplished singer-songwriter who began playing guitar at 7 years old. His passion for music was evident, and he began singing, composing original music and forming bands by the age of 13. His lyrical content is inspired by the state of the world, his personal experiences, and the ability to manage life's obstacles. His music depth stems from a history and passion for hard rock and heavy metal music, and in the new EP packed with sensitive and emotional compositions, he transferred this passion into moving acoustic rock ballads with elemental simplicity.

On the first day of fall, September 23rd, "Dethstar" will be streaming on all platforms.

"You got me right where you want me, stuck in your little interrogations"- Dethstar

In a few months, Maximilian Wentz will be releasing his EP. Every week he has a new song idea, inspired by his daily life adventures. Be on the look out for more from this 20-year-old singer-songwriter.

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