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Facebook is still an important marketing tool for musicians to build their brand and fans

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Some people think Facebook is for older people, but with more than two billion active users every month, Facebook continues to rate as one of the top marketing tools for musicians to build their audience due to the ongoing social activity between fans, musicians, industry VIPs, Spotify playlist curators and the music world enterprises. Although YouTube and SoundCloud are great for showcasing videos, and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), Twitter and TikTok are the cool social media platforms for 20 and 30 year olds, many of today’s musicians have come to realize that they can’t do without Facebook marketing. The share feature alone is one big reason to be on Facebook. Also, what you post stays as long as you want it to. With so many artists using Instagram stories, the stories only stay on for 24 hours unless you save them, but with Facebook it is quick and easy to assess an artist’s history, engagement and music, and unless you delete content it remains forever.

As of February 2020, Colombian singer Shakira was the most popular singer on Facebook with over 100 million fans on the social media platform, followed by Eminem with 86 million and Rihanna with 79 million. It is a good indicator when you go to top trending artist pages and see they are active and current on their content and current activities. Dua Lipa is a newer artist with over a billion in streams. Her Facebook page header promotes her new album and future Nostalgia tour, so it is big real estate you can use to provide more visibility to what is going on with your music and performance schedules.

Spotify curators accept tracks for review through email, submissions to their website, submissions to other Spotify marketing service provider sites, Instagram messaging and Facebook messaging. Many curators will provide you with their preferred form for submission, and it is common to see their preferred form to be Facebook messaging. This enables them to jump right to your page at the time they are reviewing your track, and if they see nothing current on your Facebook they will most likely move on.

We covered the power of Facebook groups in a prior newsletter, but their presence can’t be underestimated. As an example, the Quarantine Karaoke Group Facebook page formed for the artists unable to perform live during the pandemic, quickly attracted over 368,000 members and Artists on the Move recently joined the group, and is sharing our artists performance posts on their page. There are also many high follower Spotify playlist groups and other industry groups you can share your tracks on, to reach a new audience.

Facebook is also a good choice to showcase your music videos. Facebook allows you to embed longer videos (e.g. an interview) rather than the 15-min stories or 1-min feed videos you might do for Instagram (e.g. a quick behind-the-scenes look before the gig).

You can guarantee that all Boston Music Awards nominees, like artists Clairo, Future Teens, and STL GLD all have Facebook music pages.

Labels and A&R executives still review Facebook music pages. Concert promoter Morgan Schaffner of AdHoc recently told Paste Magazine “People’s decision to attend a show is often based on social reasons, and Facebook does truly make it very easy to see which of your friends are ‘attending’ a show… I think it’d be very challenging to as easily find such a large target audience.”

Giuliana Amaral, Artists on the Move performer, has done a great job using all the tools Facebook has to offer during the Coronavirus quarantine. She has had "watch parties" frequently and notified her followers every time she goes live. Then she posts the event on her page so those that couldn't attend could watch it. She is active posting every day and sharing other quarantine events of her music friends. She also uses Facebook to request votes for music awards she has been nominated for.

Click here to learn how to build your music page.

Important tips for creating your music page:

  • Be sure to choose the box that says ARTIST/BAND/PUBLIC FIGURE (do not choose entertainment, brand or cause, etc.)

  • Be sure to complete the ABOUT section. explain what your music is about, who you are, etc.

  • Upload some PHOTOS to your photo library. Select a portrait for your page and a cover image. These are important as it’s the first thing people see when they come to your page. For brand consistency, be sure to match branding on other social media platforms. Can use this spot for EP and song promotions, tour dates and upcoming show promotions.

  • ADD LINKS to every social media account you have for your music (Instagram, Twitter, BandCamp, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.)

  • POINT/LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE to increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your website is a great place for them to learn more about you, buy merchandise or tickets and join your e-newsletter list. Your website is more static and your Facebook page is ever-changing.

  • Post often, post quality, reply positively

  • Post photos and videos

  • Have your contact information easy to find

  • Include a full bio

  • If you have a little money to spend, use Facebook boosts or Ads. Even spending as little as $20 can reach a very targeted audience and be spread out over days.

The above example is of a Boston band Dionysia who is active performing and has a strong brand and fan base.

Written by Marcia Macres and Patty Duffey

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