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Emily Rae and Stephen Sifflard "Shallow" Collaboration accompanied by Owen Korzec

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

When the movie A Star is Born came out, everyone fell in love with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's collaboration. Two voices from opposite sides of the spectrum, came together to move audiences around the world. We felt Emily Rae and Stephen Sifflard would capture the essence of the power of the female and male vocal collaboration. These two Boston native vocalists did an incredible job covering "Shallow" off the A Star is Born soundtrack with Owen Korzec accompanying them on guitar. The video was shot at Red13 Studios in Framingham, MA.

Photo by Patty Duffey
Emily Rae and Stephen performing Shallow at Salisbury Beach with the All You Got Tour.

We interviewed both Emily and Stephen about their first time collaborating together, and what their personal music goals are.


Why do you love the song "Shallow"? The song shallow is so simplistic which is what makes it so beautiful.

What were your thoughts when you first sang the song with Stephen? I was surprised that our harmonies clicked so fast and so easily.

What are some of your favorite personal career highlights? I was on radio Disney last year, and am currently working with a team in LA to write my own EP.

Would you like to collaborate with Stephen again? "Of course I would LOVE to work with him again. He’s a great musician, and an even better person.

What did you learn from this collaboration? I learned that if you have a good team and positivity surrounding you... you can do anything.


Why do you love the song "Shallow"?

Well ever since I saw the movie A Star Is Born, it immediately caught my attention. Not only is it a beautiful and extremely catchy song, but it had a big emotional effect that really resonated with me.

What were your thoughts when you first sang the song with Emily?

I was super excited. I could instantly tell she was very professional right when I met her, and I was really impressed with how she was able hit every note, but also make it her own.

What are your goals going forward and any upcoming exciting shows/news to share?

My band Roll Over White is playing a lot of shows and writing new material so we can eventually go into the studio again to record a full length. Playing in NY (at the Bitter End) is going to be huge for us, and we eventually want to get down to Nashville. We have a lot of goals so we’re just doing as much as we can to reach them.

Would you like to collaborate with Emily again? Certainly! Emily has a great voice and is super easy to get along with. She’s extremely professional and you can tell she really cares about her craft. I think our voices worked very well together so I would definitely collaborate with her again.

What did you learn from this experience? I learned more techniques on how to capture the attention of a crowd in an acoustic setting, which a lot of times can be harder than electric. It also was another experience that made me feel more comfortable as a front man.

Emily and Stephen after finishing recording at Red 13 Studios in Framingham, MA.

Emily Rae, Stephen Sifflard and guitarist Owen Korzec

Both Emily Rae and Stephen Sifflard are dedicated musicians with bright careers. We look forward to see what they will do on their own and also for their next collaboration!

You can follow Stephen Sifflard at Stephen Sifflard_Music on Instagram and his band Roll Over White @rolloverwhite. He is a leader singer and drummer on the All You Got Tour band which has shows booked all over New England in 2019.

You can follow Emily Rae at @emilyraeofficial to watch her journey into the next phase of her music career.

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