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Chris D'Agostino wins Boston Sings Fenway

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Artist on the Move discovered Chris D'Agostino at their open mic at Loretta's Last Call in February of 2018. With over 100 contestants in the Boston Sings Fenway at Loretta's, Chris won the competition for top male performer! He was chosen by Loretta's management because of his mature vocal ability which fills the room and grabs the attention of the audience.

Chris D'Agostino has a diverse musical appetite, with influences stemming from Jeff Buckley to Chris Cornell to Queen. With his many years of theater experience, combined with his passion for performing, Chris loves being on stage, connecting with his audience and engulfing himself in his vocal expression.

In the last year or so, Chris has been on a writing spree. He is so focused on bettering himself as a performer, and writing songs he truly connects with. His newest single, "Grey Horizon", is streaming on all platforms. This song captivates the listener with haunting yet powerful vocals. He conveys a strong message of overcoming obstacles with strength and perseverance.

Chris is working hard at learning new cover songs, writing new originals and expanding his fan reach. Artists on the Move is excited to be working closely with Chris, and cannot wait to see what's next for this emerging artist.

"Grey Horizon is a beautifully written song with impeccable vocal dynamics and a positive message to inspire anyone overcoming obstacles."- Artist on the Move

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