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Music is Caleb Cascio's powerful connection

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Caleb Cascio is a 14-year old pop artist from the North Shore of MA who loves to play guitar and sing. From an audience of one to 1000, Caleb performs with precision and enthusiasm with all performances. His story is one of inspiration, love and a musical journey that brings the community closer together. His curiosity, fascination and dedication to music brings excitement to every day.

Caleb was diagnosed with Autism at a very young age. For the first three to four years of his life, he and his family spent over 30 hours a week in multiple therapies to help him in his development. Although he may have struggled with certain milestones, Caleb excelled in whatever he focused on. He began bowling at age three and understood the game right away. Next, he focused on golf at five years old. Today he is second in the State of Massachusetts for 10-pin bowling, and is in his 2nd year on the PGA Junior Golf Tour.

At nine years old, Caleb picked up a guitar, and never put it down. His father, being a musician, quickly noticed how he understood music, and as he began to sing along, he could recognize his vocals were on perfect pitch. After two months of guitar lessons, Caleb was playing and singing many songs from his favorite artist, Taylor Swift. His guitar teacher, Aaron Chase, was amazed at how quickly he learned to play, so he took him under his wing for lessons and invited him to play some gigs. Today Caleb knows over 150 cover songs so he can play for hours without repeating any songs.

When Caleb was in 2nd Grade, his Aunt offered to start a team for Autism Speaks-New England to raise money for the cause he created, Caleb's Connection. This experience was inspiring for the family. They got to meet families and young adults who were also diagnosed with Autism, and learned they were living full happy lives, working, going to college and finding their place in the world.

Caleb's Connection was a great success. They ran kick off events and hosted yard sales that raised over $5,000 per event. The Autism speaks community fell in love with Caleb and invited him to become the poster child for Autism in the New England Chapter. He was featured in a Bob's Furniture commercial, and was featured with David Wade from WBZ-4 as a promotion for the Autism Speaks Walk hosted.

Caleb's first performance at Fenway Park

As Caleb played more music, he was given so many amazing opportunities through the community events he was a part of. During an Autism Speaks events, the President of the organization came up to Caleb and asked him if he wanted to sing the National Anthem at Fenway Park. At ten years old, Caleb performed at Fenway, and did it again in 2019 (Video). Before the age of 12 years old Caleb performed at the Xfinity Center, the Special Olympics and many community events. All the love and support he has had, combined with his hundreds of performance opportunities, make Caleb a one-of-a-kind young musician.

On his own, Caleb came up with the idea to have a backyard concert to raise more money for Autism Speaks. He asked his mom to have a concert in his backyard. They invited the school and church, and hundreds of supporters showed up. He played three sets, accompanied by his dad, and did songs with his guitar teacher. It became an annual event for three years, and they raised $94,000 for Autism Speaks in the five years of running events. In 2020, they plan on doing a final event in their backyard, to raise the $6,000 left to reach their goal of $100,000.

Caleb with his brother Jacoby winning in Karate

Between his love and involvement with the church, to his ability to light up a room with his smile, Caleb blossomed, surrounded by his family and friends in the community. At every show his top fans fill tables and rows of seats. Not only is he a talented Golfer and Bowler, Caleb is a blue belt in Karate, is in the Honor Society and loves math and astronomy. He has participated in the science fair in his school, each year choosing a subject related to space. In the past three years, he has made it all the way to regionals, including winning first place in his school, 2nd place in the states and 2nd place in regionals in 2019. He also was a top finalist in the school Pi competition reciting over 200 numbers consecutively.

Caleb with the All You Got Tour JR Band (photo by Patty Duffey)

Although Caleb has many interests and aspirations. Music will always be his favorite activity. After a few years of feeling stagnant in music school programs, Caleb was losing interest. Through a referral from a local teacher, Caleb began working with Artists on the Move. He has been working on his solo act, finding new ways to connect with his audience through working on his stage presence. He spent the summer of 2019 on the All You Got Tour performing as a solo artist, but also leading guitar and vocals in the All You Got Tour Junior Band. He took his birthday savings and some of the money he's made busking, and purchased himself his first electric guitar. He's had quite the fun time, figuring out the amp and different sounds he can create. In the 30 shows the tour produced, Caleb only missed two events, due to summer vacation fun with his family. Even on vacation, Caleb brought his guitar and played for hours at some of the campgrounds.

Caleb won the "Greatest Potential Performer" at the annual 16 and Under Young Performers Showcase which took place at the Hard Rock Cafe 3/31/2019, singing Kings of Leon’s "Use Somebody" (video).

Caleb loves to sing and play for people. He is now working on his first original song, appropriately called "On Mars", which is about what it would be like to be on Mars with a friend. The song will be debuted at Loretta's Last Call in the coming weeks. He was recently asked by the city of North Andover to be their official performer for all city events, and performed on Veterans Day of this year.

When Caleb first met Patty Duffey and Jacqueline DeModena, co-partners of Artists on the Move, the music executives knew his talent was undeniable. It was rare to see such a young musician so advanced in his abilities. pick up songs so quickly, and perform with such consistency and vocal precision. His progress has been impressive show to show.

At every turn, Caleb Cascio is the epitome of inspiration. He always comes with a positive attitude, smile on his face and is ready to play music for anyone who will listen. He works hard at all he does and is excited for his future. The love and support he has through his family and friends is truly a blessing. His parents are overwhelmed with joy that he has such a strong support system. His younger brother Jacoby is his favorite buddy. Family and community have always been the bond holding everyone together.

Caleb Cascio (photo by Patty Duffey)

Follow Caleb Cascio on his musical journey. He recently started a YouTube channel where he released a cover video of Journey's, "Don't Stop Believing", recorded and produced at Red13 Studios in Framingham with Jonathan Mitsiaris and Jim Foster. This was a first experience for him. At the time, he was also getting over a cold virus, but he showed up with his positive happy demeanor, and did a great job. Please check it out and show him some love.

“Caleb is a magnet from the moment he reaches the stage. His pop song choices keep the audience singing along with him. It’s quite evident how much time he puts into his music. His passion will take him to new heights"-Artists on the Move

Written by Jacqueline DeModena of Artists on the Move

Edited by Patty Duffey Photograph of Artists on the Move

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