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Alpha Omega Studios Sponsorship

Alpha Omega Studios Sponsorship & AOTM Interview

We interviewed Ken Polk, owner of Alpha Omega Studios, on his generous sponsorship for the All You Got Tour, LLC. Ken provided a full recording prize to the top solo performer on the tour, and Kyle Bourque was the recipient of the award. Ken was generous with his time, and was engaged in five sessions with Kyle on his time in the studio recording his debut original song, "Dance with the Devil". The song is currently being mastered, and will be available on all streaming platforms soon.

Artists on the Move attended many of the recording sessions and were impressed with Ken's openness to making changes to the song with added instrumentals and background vocals. We couldn't say more about how successful Kyle's first recording experience was, and how accommodating and focused the studio was on the project, and making sure Kyle was satisfied with the final product.

Why do love your work with Alpha Omega?

 I'm blessed to say that I look forward to going to work every day! I enjoy being a combination of a business owner, music instructor, audio engineer and producer. It's such a joy being able to work with students and clients of all ages and levels, and see them reach their goals! There's a key reason why we named the studio Alpha Omega Music Studios... being a man of faith, I wanted a name to glorify God and also represent the clientele we cater to. It's the students that represent the "Alpha" aspect of the studio. Working with professional recording clients represents the "Omega" aspect of the studio. It's so rewarding working with everybody from both ends of the spectrum and in between. 

What do you love about music?

Music for me was instrumental (pun intended lol) in my success. Playing guitar boosted my self-esteem, gave me a sense of accomplishment, and led me to my career. I'm so grateful I found my way to music through playing instruments, recording bands and ultimately starting my own business. 

Why did you partner with the tour and sponsor us? 

When Jackie approached me about donating a recording package to the tour so that a deserving musician/band would have the opportunity to make their own recording, I was immediately intrigued. I have to admit, I was quite busy at the time, but loved what Next Generation Concerts and the All You Got Tour were providing for young bands and artists. I was so happy for Kyle when he was announced as the winner of the tour. Now that I've worked with Kyle, I'm even more glad he was awarded the studio time. Kyle is such a nice, humble individual who is extremely talented as both a musician and songwriter. 

What do you think about Kyle's song "Dance with the Devil"?

Kyle's song sounds fantastic! It exemplifies the perfect balance between a great song and musicianship. It was fun to watch him perform all the different parts on various instruments. Kyle played acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bass and vocals. And to think he's as young as he is, is mind blowing! Especially, considering how little studio time used to complete the song, I'm very satisfied with the final result. 

Any news on Alpha you want shared?

Well, there's always a lot going on at the studio so that's a tough one. Recently, we expanded and opened a second location in close proximity to our primary location. So it's basically an extension of our first location. This provided us with three more teaching rooms as well as a designated and well equipped band room/Studio C for both student band rehearsals, and a place for aspiring audio engineers to learn their craft. So far so good! We're steadily opening up more days at the new studio for lessons. We have plans in the works for more student bands and casual jam sessions to give musicians of all ages and levels an opportunity to play with other musicians. 

What is a piece of advice you have for musicians young or older? 

I guess it depends on the musicians goal. A piece of advise that I feel applies to all musicians is to get around other musicians and play with as many other musicians as possible. You can learn so much and be inspired by other musicians that you surround yourself with. Another piece of advice is to never stop learning and growing in your instrument(s). For musicians looking to become active in the music scene here's 3 steps I believe are important:

1. Rehearse your music

2. Get at least a single or quality demo recorded

3. Get your music published and distributed. It's easier now than it has been before to get your music out to the public by platforms such as social media or companies like CD Baby, Tunecore, Distrokid, and so many more. Some famous musicians/artists have been spotted this way. 

Ken's contact information follows:

Ken Polk

Alpha Omega Music Studios 

978-613-2255 office 

781-249-9991 cell 


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