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Boston's Aloft Hotel hosts Artists on the Move

Aloft Hotel, a hotel chain based in North America, is known for its modern architectural design and commitment to the arts. The hotel is a notable hotspot for relaxation, fun and accessibility. Their urban-inspired design, accessible technology and innovative programing centering on music and F&B make Aloft unique to the traditional hotel landscape.The Aloft Seaport location is in the fastest growing part of Boston. With new restaurants, shopping locations, live music, and easy access to family events and Boston's nightlife, the Aloft Hotel in Boston's Seaport has established a strong presence since its opening in 2016. With its hosting of live family-focused music events, Artists on the Move (AOTM) connected with the venue to host its annual Song Blizzard Showcase.

On Friday January 17, 2019 join AOTM and 13 of their performers for a night full of live music from passionate artists sharing their favorite covers and originals. These highly accomplished performers have impressive resumes, industry awards and a strong commitment to advance their music careers.

Aloft Hotel Lounge (taken from website)

AOTM interviewed Food and Beverage Supervisor Ryan Gurley to gain more incite into Aloft Seaport:

How long has Aloft been hosting live music?Live music and emerging talent are in our Aloft DNA.  Aloft hotels host live music in all their properties globally, and we have been showcasing live music at our Seaport District location since our opening in 2016.

What does the hotel love about having live music in the bar area?We love seeing guests and locals connect over live music at W XYZ bar where you can be as front row as you want, and always feel like a VIP. 

Are there any upcoming promotions you want us to share?We will continue our commitment to creating lively social scenes that bring our guests unique experiences through live music.  Come visit us most Thursday nights or pick an upcoming holiday weekend for fantastic rates.  There is always a guitar in the lobby if the mood strikes you to play out or practice your chords.

What are some plans for 2020 in regards to music? We want to engage with more local emerging talent and showcase homecoming experiences for Boston’s best acts that have been on the road for a while.

Anything else you want to add?Don’t miss connecting to our Spotify playlist #aloftlive

Meet the 13 performers in the showcase event....

Stephen Sifflard accompanied by Owen Korzec

Stephen is a 18-year-old singer who is also an accomplished drummer. He brings fresh excitement and precision to every show performing a mix of covers and original music. From writing lyrics to performing them, Stephen is dedicated to growing as an artist while having fun doing it. Accompanying Stephen is multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Owen Korzec.

Owen and Stephen (photo by Patty Duffey)

Caleb Cacsio

This 14-year-old pop artist loves to play guitar and sing. He began playing guitar at the age of 9 years old and is inspired by artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendez. Caleb can perform over 200 songs and has recently written his first original song "On Mars", which is set to be recorded soon.

Caleb Cascio (photo by Patty Duffey)

Alaina Ray

Alaina is a 17-year-old singer­ with dynamic vocal range, confident delivery and an exceptional ability to put her own flair on popular covers of all genres. Her unique gritty, raspy tone captivates her audience. Alaina is currently in the studio recording original music. She continues to challenge herself with choosing songs that blend between mainstream and indie pop alternative.

Alaina Ray (Photo by Patty Duffey)

Rhema Renee

Rhema is a 13-year-old R&B, soul and pop singer who is an accomplished vocalist and songwriter. She is inspired by off her own personal experiences that she feels can make an impact on her listeners. Rhema has spent the better part of the summer in the studio, and has also been performing all over MA with the All You Got Tour. She is a dedicated young singer who is mature well beyond her years.

Rhema Renee (photo by Patty Duffey)

Alexa Cabral

Alexa is a 14-year-old R&B/pop singer-songwriter and musician from the South Shore of MA. Her rich/husky and powerful vocals instantly grab attention. Alexa’s voice is able to transcend through genres, including pop, rock, ballads, jazz and musical theatre, and she is always excited to go into new vocal directions. From performing in the New England area to writing songs to traveling to LA to record, Alexa is dedicated and ready to take opportunities to the next level.

Alexa Cabral (photo by Patty Duffey)

Noah Hatton

Noah is a 20-year-old classically trained jazz singer with over ten years of experience in recording and performing. His passion for music goes beyond his energy on stage. Every word written has been calculated to evoke your sense of imagination. His original music is packed with a mix of pop, bluesy, and southern rock influences. He has an EP coming out in early 2020. Noah has the drive and ability to play in any environment. From the Theater Stage to a full on rock band to his acoustic solo set, he comes with a classy sound and a new attitude. As a co-host on Boston Free Radio, Noah loves connecting with musicians and supporting the local scene.

Noah Hatton (photo by Maxwell Photography)

Maya Salafia

Maya is a 13-year-old singer-songwriter from Boston, MA who has been writing, performing and recording original music since she was nine years old. Maya writes all her own lyrics and music, and recently released her debut EP of five original pop songs, Trapped In A Daydream, on all streaming platforms. She is excited to work on expanding her set list of covers and originals and perform all over. Her long-term goal is to study music, singing/songwriting in college, and become a professional singer-songwriter, writing for both herself and other artists.

Maya Salafia

Alexis Rose

Alexis Rose combines a sweet, yet powerful vocal style, with an added country twang. Her energy and love for life is present in all her performances. She covers songs from pop to classic country, and continues to expand her repertoire. She has begun to write her own music, pulling from her personal world and new relationships. Music offers Alexis a sense of comfort and positivity, which allows her to get lost in her performances. The audience can feel the genuine joy she feels being on stage and sharing her music.

Alexis Rose (photo by Patty Duffey)


Zola is a 16-year-old pop/R&B singer-songwriter from Cambridge, MA. She has been writing and recording music almost since she started singing. Her soulful voice and insightful lyrics, touching on themes such as identity and self-awareness and loss and acceptance, reveal an advanced wisdom and emotional connection. Her soulful voice and insightful lyrics, touching on themes such as identity and self-awareness and loss and acceptance, reveal an advanced wisdom and emotional connection.

Zola (photo by Patty Duffey)

Amelia Earnshaw

Amelia Earnshaw is a 16-year-old classically trained vocalist and pop singer from the North Shore. She was on the 2019 All You Got Tour performing in both the senior and junior tour bands as a lead vocalist., covering dozens of songs and performing on some of the biggest stages in the region. She describes herself as passionate, creative and adaptable, and is excited to take on new challenges on guitar and in songwriting. 

Amelia Earnshaw (photo by Patty Duffey)

Maximilian Wentz

Maximilian Wentz is an accomplished singer-songwriter who's lyrical content is inspired by the state of the world, his personal experiences, and the ability to manage life's obstacles. His music depth stems from a history and passion for hard rock and heavy metal music, and in the new EP packed with sensitive and emotional compositions, he transferred this passion into moving acoustic rock ballads with elemental simplicity. Maximilian is constantly writing new music and is actively booking sessions to record new songs.

Maximilian Wentz (photo by Patty Duffey)

Sam Chetkin

Sam Chetkin, 16-year-old singer-songwriter, surprises his audiences with his unique spin on classic pop hits. His sweet, rich tone, mature dynamics, and upbeat personality shine through in his performances. Songs like 1959’s #1 Pop hit “Love potion number 9” and the 1964’s “Come a little bit closer” grab attention, and his natural charisma locks everyone in to listen to his full set of popular covers from the 50’s to today’s Billboard favorites. He will be entering the studio to record his first EP.

Sam Chetkin (photo by Patty Duffey)

Chris D'Agostino

Chris has a diverse musical appetite, with influences stemming from Jeff Buckley to Chris Cornell to Queen. With his many years of theater experience, combined with his passion for performing, Chris loves being on stage, connecting with his audience and engulfing himself in his vocal expression. He recently released his first single "Grey Horizon" and is gearing up for his next recording.

Chris D'Agostino (photo by Patty Duffey)

With the talent packed line up from Artists on the Move, this upcoming January 17, 2019 showcase will have the audience excited to listen to one artist after another. We are excited to start a venue relationship with the Aloft Hotel, and love seeing their passion for music and commitment to work with local artists.

Written by Jacqueline DeModena

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