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All Friends Showcase

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

What better way to celebrate a debut single release than to spend an afternoon with your music friends listening to everyone’s favorite covers and original songs. Zoe Ritchie, 14-year-old singer songwriter, wanted to celebrate everyone’s music and wanted it to be a showcase of friendships and songs. She has met many talented performers over the last few years through her music experiences being in a band and acoustic singing group, and wanted the event to be a showcase of those in her music circle performing their favorite songs. It was 2.5 hours of impressive music covering R&B, pop and indie genres, and fun networking. Participating in the showcase with Zoe was Camille Merendail, Shivi Srikanth, Circus Trees, Sam Chetkin and Jenna Holiday. Networking is a must in today’s music industry, and this circle of friends at their young ages are already connecting on songs, songwriting, music influences and shows.

Zoe’s vision ignites her creativity for her songwriting, marketing displays and artistic graphics. She came to the Artists on the Move office to shoot her song cover and knew exactly what she wanted for the photo and artwork, all the way to the added touches with silver hearts placed on her cheeks. We encourage all artists to develop ideas for their new songs, and test out their ideas. The artwork can bring the song to life, and is often the first visual introduction people will see to the new songs.

With two more songs completed Zoe is on her way to finishing her first EP. She will be working with her mentor, Kara Dioguardi (Grammy producer and former American Idol judge), in the coming weeks, which was part of her prize for winning the 2018 New England Sings competition.

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