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Alexis Rose is ready for the pop/country scene

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Alexis Rose (Photo by Patty Duffey)

Alexis Rose combines a sweet, yet powerful vocal style, with an added country twang. Her energy and love for life is present in all her performances. She covers songs from pop to classic country, and continues to expand her repertoire. She has begun to write her own music, pulling from her personal world and new relationships. Music offers Alexis a sense of comfort and positivity, which allows her to get lost in her performances. The audience can feel the genuine joy she feels being on stage and sharing her music.

Alexis presented with the music achievement award at Granite State Arts Academy

She graduated from Granite State Arts Academy in NH, where her focus was strongly on music and was presented with the music achievement award during graduation. Alexis was a leader in the school Acapella Group, choir and other music productions. In 2018, Alexis was elected to run an open mic at her school, where she managed sound, booked performers and managed promotions. On the marketing front, she embraced the responsibility to put together an event everyone could enjoy. Alexis loved hearing her peers perform and enjoyed watching the audience interaction.She auditioned and was accepted to Berklee College of Music in Boston, which has always been her dream school. Before the audition Alexis was nervous, but once she started to sing, she felt she was right where she belonged. She loved the experience and felt comfortable with the staff at Berklee College of Music. She is currently taking the year to work and spend more time honing in on her craft.

Alexis recently represented NH in the National Choir video for the song "Song from the Heart".  They held national auditions, and asked for help from teachers, to find one incredible high school or college-aged singer from each state, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. They the asked the 52 singers to video themselves singing the song. You can check out the full production here---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTc-dp8uYU4 .

Alexis was selected as a finalist in the 2019 Burlington Idol Competition, organized by PB & J Records. She had a blast participating at the event, performing and networking with local singers. She has recently performed at Loretta's Last Call in Fenway on Landsdowne Street in Boston, the Black Box Theater in Peabody and a three-hour show with the Topsfield Fair.

Alexis will be showcased at the Aloft Hotel in Seaport Boston on Friday January 17th with many Artist on the Move performers.

19 year old Alexis Rose has a bright future ahead of her, performing, writing and connecting with her audience. She glows with excitement when learning new songs and performing at new venues. She is fully committed to having a focused music career, mastering new songs and learning guitar. She's excited for all the opportunities ahead of her.

“Alexis Rose has a unique vocal style which makes listeners smile. She a little bit of country, a dab of pop, and a whole lot of attitude. She’s a pleasure to listen to, is so much fun to work with, and we love hearing her tell us she wants to do it all” -All You Got Tour

Alexis Rose (photo by Patty Duffey)

Written by Jacqueline DeModena of Artists on the Move

Edited by Patty Duffey of Artists on the Move

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