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Album Release for 13-year-old R&B artist Rhema Renee..."Love Lessons" coming soon

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

13-year-old R&B, soul and pop singer, Rhema Heywood, is releasing her upcoming album "Love Lessons". All of her original songs are about lessons in love, whether it’s self love or love for other people. Each song is based off her own personal experiences that she feels can make an impact on her listeners. From writing her lyrics to stepping into the studio working to match her cadence with the instrumental track, the experience of releasing her first original songs has help Rhema grow as an artist.

Rhema Renee (Photo by Patty Duffey)

It's important for Rhema to share her sometimes painful experiences with love. Love is a language that any person at any age can relate to. Her mission is to inspire and touch people's lives with the message she's worked so hard to convey. She feels that God is confirming she is where she is meant to be, to offer light and a positive message to the world.

Rhema has been singing ever since she could talk. Seeing her early love for singing, her mom encouraged her to sing in public when she was 8-years-old, and she started writing her first original songs at just 10-years-old. She has performed in small and large settings, as well as the National Anthem at cultural and music events. She won "This Kid’s Got Pipes” competition where she sang, did improv, and wrote a song as part of the challenge. Her prize was a recording package at Patchwerk’s studio.

All You Got Tour
New Bedford Food Truck Festival w/ All You Got Tour- Rhema Renee (Photo by Patty Duffey)

She performed on the Copley Stage on First Night in January 2018, performed in the 2018/2019 All You Got Tour, and has participated in the Young Performers Club showcase events at the Hard Rock Cafe. She placed in the 2018 Young Performers Club16 & Under Showcase, and won several awards for her performances.

Rhema has spent the better part of the summer in the studio, and has also been performing all over MA with the All You Got Tour. She is a dedicated young singer who is mature well beyond her years. She has a clear vision for her release event Artists on the Move is organizing, and plans to have dancers be a big part of the show. She also participates in all the major branding decisions for her new album, including the graphics, photos and color palettes.

When asked what her goals are Rhema responded, "My goal is for people to remember me for who I am and what I have to say. A lot of people underestimate me because of my high reaching goals, but that just gives me more of a reason to meet them, and show them what I’m capable of. I pray for all of my blessings, and I’m very thankful for everything in my life."

Her new album "Love Lessons" will be streaming on all platforms in the next few months, and a debut release of "Sorry" will be released soon. Follow her @rhemarenee on instagram and Facebook.

"Rhema is one of the most talented and confident young artists we have worked with, and we believe nothing with stop her in achieving all of her goals."-Artists on the Move

Written by Jacqueline DeModena of Artists on the Move

Photos and edited by Patty Duffey Photograph of Artists on the Move

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