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10 Ways to Engage Fans

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Every move you make at shows matters. Your performance, professionalism and overall attitude will influence whether or not you get invited back, and how many new fans you obtain at the event. The table of girls in this photo stayed for The Koast's Hard Rock Patio show, so they thanked them and sang a song at their table.

Ten ways to engage fans:

  • Distribute postcards before your show

  • Have a meet and greet during the break, and at the end of the show

  • Take a group selfie/story, and post it on Instagram

  • Remind the audience throughout the show who you are, and where they can find you online

  • Show them how much you love performing, and SMILE and have a great time on stage

  • Invite them to join you on the choruses on popular covers

  • Move about the audience, and invite them to get close to the stage

  • Have a visible sign with your information on it

  • Throw out free merchandise (guitar pics and wristbands)

  • Make sure your set is diverse, and has a good mix of songs that are popular

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